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Pop Life

Steel City Pops, located in Houston-The Heights has the most amazing ambiance and presence. Let’s just start with the succulents! This is not your run of the mill cool cup parlor. SCP slowly pulls you in,

taps into your inner hipster and quickly dowses you with a sense of community and easiness that is undeniable.

The architecture is intentional and untroubled. If hanging out in cool places is your kinda thing, you can quickly get immersed in the atmosphere, forget where you are and what you came for. The exterior construction itself provides enough visual interest and depth to peek your interest and make quite the impression.

Even the lighting is deliberate and prepossessing.

Concrete floors, industrial fixtures, a ping pong table and pops all under one roof! SCP is a perfect space for a gathering of friends, first date or even corporate mixer. This joint offers purposeful elements that are high end, clean with subtle essential characteristic that are cult following friendly. Trust, you’ll find yourself wanting to frequent this establishment for more than one reason and all four seasons. Oh yeah, the pops are amazing too!

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