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Top unconventional ways to enhance milieu and mood

Listen to upbeat positive music:

Music is an avenue to incorporate positive vibes and energy.

Smudge Stick:

A bundle of dried herbs bounded with string into a small bundle to cleanse and rid of negative energy.


Powering-down promotes creation over consumption.


Clutter can increase anxiety and is a constant reminder of things that are not getting done.


Essential oils can improve mental clarity, enhance mood, creates balance or relieves stress.

Bath Bundle:

Dim lighting, scented candles, oils, hand cut soap can aid in easing into a relaxing state.

Indoor plants

Add “real” plants to a space for a distinct look, plants also absorb toxins. There are many varieties to choose from but we love the succulents!

Vitamin D:

Individuals who are exposed to light experience less depression.

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