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Surround yourself with beautiful things

There is nothing like a little work inspiration to help get you through the day. Even if you do not work at home, you can still incorporate elements to express your personal style!

Below, we share helpful tips on how to do just that in a cubicle environment.

  1. Consider the industry in which you work in as well as company policy. The aforementioned are pretty good predictors as to how far you can push the envelope in terms of personal style. The last thing you want to do is offend anyone or create unwanted attention by over doing it.

  2. Rid the area of clutter and debris. Creativity at its best is done on a clean slate.

  3. Ensure your cube decor does not extend beyond your area.

  4. Think about what you are wanting to accomplish in the space (personal style, welcoming others, clean lines, etc.)

  5. Shop around for a few small pieces before committing

  6. Try a few things before settling

  7. Have Fun! Enjoy!

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